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Tue, Mar. 24th, 2009, 05:12 pm
And now for a Creepy Old Fart at WalMart story...


So I was
also thinking along the lines of a new hip adornment for the hafla, but
in the form of a hipscarf to wear under my tassels, so while at
WallyWorld, I had looked over the fabric selection and found myself
uninterested, other than some fabulous tapastry-type stuff that was $9
a yard (!!) I was waiting outside of the bathroom at the back of the
store for Tal and cruising the Clearance items across from the shoes
(Allen Rd WallyWorld) and came across a window valance that was just
FABULOUS.  The color would have worked well, too, for a base, and it
had tasseled trim along the bottom.  I decided to take it out of the
pkg and see how it might look as a hip belt (with some altering) and
some what I assumed was a NICE older gentleman said "that would look
nice on you."

 I was startled and a bit embarrased by trying on a curtain in the
Clearance section of Walmart outside of the bathroom, so I was quick to
explain myself.  The old fart's eyes lit up when he heard the word
"dancer."  I don't think he heard the "American Tribal" part of that.  
I could practically SEE him salivate when he asked, "Do you do that

 I just looked at him. 

He continued, "Oh, I bet you'd be good at that... wearing JUST THAT THING" as he motioned to the valance. 

"Um.  NO.  I wear more clothes when I dance than I am now." (and I was dressed decently modestly)

"Oh," was the disappointed reply.  "Well, do you ever go to FANTASYLAND?" Hopeful look again. 

gave a quick, uneasy glance to Kellen, who was trying to show the old
pervert his Mickey Mouse kite.  "No." I said firmly and fidgeted,
trying to figure out how to get rid of him.  I couldn't leave... I was
waiting for Tal!!!

"Well, you should go dance there.  That's really only the good
place left, now that they're getting rid of Big Al's.  That's why I
just watch the... programs... on the T.V."  -leering look and creepy

Nervous laugh.  "Um, no thanks.  That's not the kind of dancing I do."

"Oh.  Well.  I bet you'd be good at it."  More drool.

From behind me, "ready, Mom?"

Thank you, Tal, for saving me.

Creepy old fart. 

BTW... didn't buy the valance.  It would have creeped me out just putting it on!!!

Just had to share. 

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